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11000 sq ft Pub  800K Business only Rent negotiable two floors two bars two kitchens two sets of rest rooms Presently does 25000 per week in food and liquor. Facing the water in Phila.

Restaurant Bar at 95 exit 125 seats two floors ample parking presently doing over 1 million a year asking 950K negotiable owner financing make offer.

Laundromat 59 machines South Jersey asking 60,000, ample parking ,dry cleaning, wash and fold.Presently absentee management.

Shore Pizza 65K 25K down Gross 6K a week Busy all year.

Two shore pizzas same owner nets 250,000 a year 6 blocks apart.asking $225K for both busy area.50% down owner financing.

Deli Shore area Owner puts 250K in his pocket every year.Asking 399K with half down 600 foot frontage , can do Custard, Garden Center Pizza , plenty of room to make a Hugh complex,5 acres

Philadelphia Irish Pub - Great location in busy block down ,owner ill.neighborhood, 2 floors, hooka bar, Asking 325K with 125K down If you all ready have a bar the deal is better

Philadelphia Convenience Store - Amazing foot traffic, great location in busy neighborhood.  Has ATM and lottery.  Asking $200,000 100k down

Atlantic City Convenience Store / Deli - Busy neighborhood, many nearby retail stores, grosses over $3500 per week.  Asking $100,000

Camden County Laundromat - In strip shopping center, has over 50 Maytag washing machines and dryers of various sizes, low overhead expenses, grosses over $7500. wk Asking $135,000

Burlington County Cruise Ship - Amazing location for weddings, corporate events, school functions, private cruises, etc, potential for more than $4M in annual sales, boat is in beautiful condition.  Asking $1,400,000 holds 600 people 3 weddings at once.

Camden County Convenience Store - Grosses over $20,000 per month, very stable repeat customer base.  Asking $99,000

Monmouth County Pretzel Factory - Amazing perpetual contracts with several local stores and schools, grosses over $300,000, no other pretzel factory in the area.  Asking $400,000

Philadelphia Car Wash - In busy section of Philadelphia, in business for over 25 years, average cars processed is over 30,000 annually, steady flow of loyal repeat customers.  Asking $500,000

Monmouth County Sports Club - In very busy upscale area of Central Jersey, consistent steady growth of 3.25% monthly, full service spa, childcare provided to members during workouts.  Asking $1,250,000

Delaware Bar - Very large bar on heavily travelled road, the largest stage venue in the entire state, live entertainment, radio station DJ visits every week, multiple events and specials to attract customers.  Asking $300,000

Washington DC Liquor Store - Location is over 2,000 sq ft, very profitable business in great busy area, grosses $2.1 million annually, over $500,000 in inventory available.  Asking $1,400,000

Camden County Tavern - Two bars and outside tiki area, inside stage and karaoke, many great features like outside misters, sun room, surveillance system, pool table, take out section for food and pizza.  Asking $250,000

Atlantic County Motel - 20+ rooms, totally remodeled recently, in very busy and profitable location on the way to the casinos.  Asking $800,000

Camden County Spa - Full service spa offers 5 chairs for pedicures, 2 massage beds, facial tables, in process of expanding to allow for additional services and new product line.  Asking $162,000

Camden County Car Wash - Average of 70,000 cars processed annually, 2 lift bays for details and oil changes, in very busy section of south jersey, must be seen to appreciate.  Asking $2,200,000

Tanning Salon New Renovations, Equipment , Everything Included $65,000

Bar Philidelphia,2 Bars DJ Booth ,walk in freezer Kitchen Upstairs has office New AC system,3 year old location $425,000

Motel Gloucester County 20 + Rooms 100% Occupatcy rate Grosses $215,000 , Rooms expand to 3.5 Acres Area , expolding Area. $700,000.

Camden County Bar $125,000. Business Only 

Liquor Store Camden County 6500 Sq Ft newly reovated , new floor, new roof,ceiling,$90,000 in coolers,$60,000 in selfing  $500,000 in inventory,$1.4

Pizzeria Grosses  $750,000 , $350,000 Net Asking $350,000 South Phila.

Camden County Bar Price $275,000 Leased Kitchen, Pool Table, Package Goods , Large Parking Lot.

Pizzeria Gloucester County Gross $11,000 per Week Nets $250,000 per year Ower will finance Hurry!!!

Gas Station, Atlantic County $267,000 Net Lots of extras .Ask $180,000.

Gentleman,s Club South Jersey 1.500. In highly populated Area.

Gentleman's Club Juice Bar 24 hours license 5 acres 150K 75k Dn

Coffee Shop South Jersey in busy shopping area $35,000

Francise Broker  South Jersey Master Francise License for multiple smaller franchise business.$75,000

Gas Station  South Jersey 1 Million gallons a year W/ Car Wash , 17K gross a month in C- Store , $500 a month commission in Lottery, 99K

Gas Station w/car wash 1.2 million Gallons a year 14,000 a month in C-Store , 500 in lottery. 99,000

Pizzeria NE Philly Nets $370,000 24 tables + 35% deli.  Ask $160,000
unbeivable deal.

Gas station Burlinton County 35K in C-store , 35K in lootery 700,000 Gallons a year $99,000 

Coffee Shop Center City Phila. Tons of foot traffic.Asking $500,000

Coffee Shop Center City Phila with Italian Market in movie distract Very sucessful operation.visited by the President this year. Ask $110,000

Pizzeria Burlington County Very Good Location near strip mall 35 years in business $70,000.

Sports Club Moumouth County Area Steady growth  of 3.24% a year . 71 new members per month. full service Spa w? day care Grosses $600,000, 11 years in business. Ask 1.250.

Deli and catering Camden County busy place.      165,000

Jewish Style Restaurant South Jersy Nets 125,000 per year only $50,000

Hair Salon Middlesex County Asking $40,000

Liquor Store DC Metro Area TIB 7 years Gross 2.1 $500,000 in inventory Ask $1.400

Bar Camden County Inside and out side bars $250,000 Business Only.  

Bar Philadelphia Irish Pub 20 years in business unbelivable location  $495K

Convinence Store Phila $55,000 Great starter business .

Counvence Store Phila $200,000 Very Busy.

C-Store Deli, Pizzeria, Atlantic City $100,000 Busy Area.

Hair Salon Camden County Full Service with tanning $120,000

Tanning Salon Warren County , New reovations, equipment , everything included in sale $65,000

Nite Club Philadelphia , comes with 2 bars ,stage,D.J. Booth,kitchen, walk in freezer,oven,grill,steamtable , the upstairs has an office,New AC system,3 years old $425,000 Business only. Property available from owner.

Motel Gloucester County 20+rooms , 100% occupancy rate , grosses 215K booming area. $700,000 Real Estae available from owner..

Motel Atlantic County  $800,000  Asking $800,000 for business only.40 rooms 3 acres.

Courier Service avaiable Momouth County Details to Come.

Gas Station w/ convence store High volume ,Atlantic County $160,000.

Gas Staation Atlantic County fair volume $99,000

Gentleman"s Club South Jersey Busines Only $1.500 Million in hot Area.

Coffee Shop very busy , high end area $35,000

CENTER CITY TAVERN--5000 sq ft grosses 750K Ask 125K lease neg.

STEAK HOUSE—grosses $800,000 w/ liquor license, seats 150. Asking $250,000 (business, equipment, & license). CLOSED

Window & Bath Tub Restoration Business,$150,000.Also Construction Cleaning Business 150,000.Businesses together net 300k Ask 300K for both, Owner training for 60 days.

Bicycle Shop, Bucks County PA Grosses 3300 Sq Ft Grosses187K Ask110K

Pizza take out & delivery NE Phila, 175K new Equipment, Gross 750K Ask 230K Owner Financing w/ 100K down.

Two Exxon Stations 3 miles apart,2 major highways 1 pumps 110k gas per month has repair bays, the other pumps 120k per month has convenience store that grosses 50k per month, both stations together net $240k per year. Asking 275K for both.     

Tanning Salon Ask $145K high end area gross 100K Nets 50% The best of The best, High End Equipment, new center, good location.

Manufacturing,Distribution,Import Business, Gross 10 Million Asking 3.5 Million plus inventory of 4M ,Total of 3 million required, owner will finance balance.

Hobbie Shop South Jersey Forced sale act quickly, cheap!!!

Sign Company Established 40 years many commercial accounts, large industrial park location Nets $225K a year Asking 325K.South N.J.

High Performance Auto and truck parts store established 26 years nets 125K Asking 125K for business includes 75K inventory. South N.J.

Italian Market w/D (liquor store)license,5000 sq ft 240K including all equipment, gross is 375K per year great location. rent 2500 per mo.

Gift shop 2 months old, seller has illness no books, asking 10k including inventory of 12k and fixtures rent is $800. per month excellent loc. in S. Jersey.

Towing Co. 3 Trucks nets 100K asking 55K for business plus 30K balance on new flat bed truck, business 2 years old, has 20 major accounts, south N.J.hurry!

Bagel Shop big beautiful, wealthy shopping center gross 400k nets 75k asking 180k w/60k down owner financing for 5 years. rent 2500 month.

Mail Box and Post Manufacturing, store and plant, south jersey, excellent business, has many contracts w/ large developers, nets 100K+ per yr.ask 195K

Gas Station sells 1.2 million gallons of gas, self service, nets 25K on lottery, almost 1.5 million a year in large convenience store Ask 610K

Garden Center asking $200K grosses almost $600K,almost an acre of land. excellent location excellent lease or purchase land from owner.

Self Storage Syndication Approved for 80,000 Sq Ft , Need 6 people with $100,000 to own 50% of entire project. Owned by Domico Investments, Triple your money in 18 months. Property has great demographic location, high demand for storage. Secured by real estate.

Large Dollar Store 11,000 Sq Ft South New Jersey Gross $400K Ask $299K including 100K Plus in inventory. large Shopping Center. Rent $4. Sq Ft 7yr lease.

Seafood store Established 2.5 years in excellent area of south Jersey, Gross 300K Ask 100K. Beautiful Store ,Makes own Crabcakes,sells Wholesale & Retail.

Pizza Place Nets 375K per year Asking 800 K with 400K down, all electronicly equipt , absentee management.

16 Gas Stations average 3.3 acres each down south Owner financed with 20% down Hugh like super Wa Wa  Large Company call today, Business Only. 

Pizza Place Grosses 750 K asking 165K all delivery, Breakfast, Lunch and dinner, rent 2500 a month long lease 50K down 20 year pay out 5 year balloon no interest.

Pizza Place gross 200K per year price 35K cash hurry.

150 seat Italian Restuarant Gross 950 ask 500 K

Crab Cake  Restaurant and take out up scale area all product made on premises , will train 85K 20K down

225 seat pizza place Gross 800K big sit down business. 600K

Drive though Pizza Place Gross 400K asking 120K

3 shell stations with car washes, lottery,convenence stores 
85 K each south jersey

Sports Bar gross 400 K Deliware Ask 300K 150 Seats

Car Wash ,detail,oilLchange Large Volume 1.2 million south jersey

Car Wash 35000 cars a year at $1100 a year 2500 details at $100 3000 oil changes at $30 do the math.275K down 775K sale Price.

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Instead of renting the house out for $1000 a month, rent out your office building for $15.00 a square foot a year.How instead of being worth $100,000 its worth $350,000. Thats called highest and best use. Now think a little bigger, suppose you purchase a 200,000 sq ft warehouse for $500,000 and then you build little 10x10 and 10x20 little cages in it. 

Then rent them out for self storage units. The warehouse that was renting for $6.00 a foot a year now rents for $25.00 a foot a year, now its worth $2.5 Million dollars, you only paid $500,000 for it.Again Highest and best use. My book has at least 50 examples like that. If you want to make millions in the Real Estate Business you should read my book.My book is on Amazon and in all the book stores.Good Luck Robert Domico CEO of Domico Investments

3 Motel Businesses for sale newer units shore area make offers, owner retiring. 

Invest in building 140 townhouse , Invest in builders profits, $100,000 signed contact with large developer.

Invest in a disable veterans apartment complex 75 units , Invest in a syndication to build this project.

Invest is a self storage complex approved and ready to build ,80,000 sq ft.Invest is $100,000 increments.

Pub In Phila. PA 8 screen Sports Bar  3000 sq ft 195 K 

Pizza Place Phila. PA nets 100k a year Asking 140with 70 down

Bagel shop nets 75 K per year 50 K down Atlantic County

Pizza place Nets 325 K a year 300 Down 

Pizza place nets 400 K per year 350 Down 

Diner Grosses 80 K per week 1.2 Million Business Only.

Diner Nets 250 K 600 Down Business only

Yogurt Store Nets 50 K a year total absentee management 175 K with 75 down 5 years on balance 6%

Cell Phone place in Wilmington Del. Gross 13 k a month,25K

River Rafting Business open 6 months nets 250 K a year 150 K Down payment balance over 12 years with balloon Payment

Pizza place nets 125 K a year 80 K down rent 1800 Mo.

Pizza place nets 250 K a year 250 K Down.5 years on balance
6% interest Balloon.Total Price 500K

Pizza Place 28000 per week gross , 350 k Down , $700,000 total price 10 years old seats 55.40 % delivery.

Sports Center 28000 sq ft on 4.1 acres 800 K with 400 K down can lease purchase the property from owner.

Health Spa 10,000 sq Ft over 2000 members 3 years in Business , 800 k w/400 k down south Jersey

Domico Investments has over 400 Listings with 22 sales people if you want to sell your business fast,We represent 67 chain stores.Plus 2000  individual buyers ,please call 609-792-7593 50 years in business says a lot.

Employment Opportunity for salesman, if you have sales experience come aboard no real estate license required.Call 609-792-7593.

Personal Training studio nets 70 K per year , down payment 40 K owner will train you how to train customers.

Tax Sale Certificate Company for sale , $100,000 Cash ,15 year old company for sale buy and sale tax sale certificates for profit.Wow what a business.owner retire-ring.

Many Catering establishments for sale from 100 people to 1000 people banquets Call for appointment to seePlaces.

Motels all over the place many for sale from 20 rooms to 500 rooms, call for list.

Approved Shopping center for sale 750 K 14000 sq ft.

Approved Self Storage Complex 80 K Sq Ft 795 K

Approved Office Complex 25 K sq ft 725 K

60 pizza places for sale all areas in south Jersey Phila and Delaware ,Closed, Partners Disagree, couple breaking up.
we represent 14 pizza chains.
WE have the largest Car Wash Inventory for sale in the tri-state area please call us.

Liquor Stores all over the place call us today, any size.

We have 25 restaurants for sale all types full service ,fast food, drive-ins, Diners , and dives. 

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