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Wow are you going to be rich. Domico's  Books Purchased from this site.or from, 
Book One"How to make a million dollars a year in Real Estate with no Money"
Book Two "Real Estate Mogal"
The book deals with buying Marinas for 4,000 a slip and selling them for $1,000 a foot( The length of the boat) by converting them to condominium slips, Buying Farms and making condo horse stalls, changing apartments to co ops,ect.  
These books tell you how to use other peoples money and other peoples credibility to make millions of dollars.

You buy a 100,000 sq ft warehouse that's making $6.00 a sq ft profit a year.You convert it over to 10x10 foot spaces and 10X20 foot spaces changing the income from for $6.00 per foot to $25.00 per foot per year. Now the place is worth 4.5 times want you paid for it a year before.You paid $650,000 for the place now you sell it for $2'925,000 in one year.

or 'how about purchasing a Shopping Center 100,000 Square feet and converting the stores into condominium  stores and selling them to the tenants.They tenant is paying $4,000 a month rent, now he buys his store and is paying $2,900 a month mortgage.,Deal makes about 2.7 Million on the sell out 'profit. 

The book is all about taking a building to highest and best use and selling the building in a year.

There is 60 chapters in the first book and 50 chapters in the second book with these kinds of deals.Wow are you going to be rich.
Read on and learn how to get the money for these projects.How to purchase them with non of your own money and own them all yourself in 5 years.Once you learn how, its like taking candy from a baby.
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