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Order this book on this web site $22.95 Book available on Amazon, at Barns and Noble ,at Boarders , or where ever books are sold.
"How to make a million dollars a year in Real Estate with no Money"
The book shows you how to make a fortune in real estate by using other peoples money and other peoples credibility.

How to buy a 100,000 square foot warehouse netting $6.00 a sqaure foot a year in income and changing the use to 10x10 and 10x20 foot spaces and bringing the income up to $25.00 a foot a year income, there by changing the income to $25.00 a square foot a year income,making the building worth 4.5 times want you paid for it in  one year.

Buying a Shopping Center and converting it to Condominium stores and selling the stores to the tenants, a man is paying $4000 a month rent "now he is paying $2900 a month mortgage.'can make you in a  (75,000) sq ft shopping center 3 million dollars in one year.

60 chapters in this book will make you a fortune.
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