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(6) Gas Station Chain

Each station doing projected 1,000,000 gallosns a year in sales + convenience store sales.  South Jersey Camden

County, and Atlantic County. All $590,000

Marlton Area Pizza Restaurant

Great location near office parks and homes.  Huge catering and night business expansion potential. $225,000


14 machines, 20 dryers, low rent-projected $35,000 to $50,000 in Net Profits- Asking $85,000


Established business- Netting a projected $100,000.  Sale Price: $100,000 MUST SELL.

Liquor Store

Doing over $500,000 a year in sales.  Low rent. $250,000

Catering Business

South Jersey-with liquor license-Netting projected $150,000, Assking $175,000

About Us

About Our Company

For over 50 years, Domico Investments has been the leader and trusted source to handle listing and selling businesses in New Jersey, Philadelphia/Pennsylvania Delaware and New York.  


Our Experience

Mr. Robert Domico has been in the business of real estate development and business brokerage for over 50 years. 

One of his largest syndications was Lucien's Old Tavern now Lucien's Manner in Berlin, NJ seating 800.  Another was Schurl's now the Berkshire in English Creek seating 200 at the Jersey Shore. One of his largest brokerage deals was a 54,000 square foot shopping center in Williamstown, NJ

He has owned 11 restaurants on the east coast including Louisiana Seafood and Spaghetti House in Alexandria VA and Harbor Lights seating 850 which is now the front door of Golden Nugget Casino in Atlantic City . Mr. Domico served as director of the largest food service group, Savarin Restaurants at the Dulles International Airport in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, which is presently a $13 Million dollar a year food and beverage operation.

He is a Navy man who attended Rutgers University, and holds a masters and PHD in Real Estate through correspondence at London's Palmers Green University. 

He has authored 2 books:  Click Links Below to Order:

How to Make a Million Dollars a Year in Real Estate With No Money

The Real Estate Mogul

Robert "Bob" Domico has been tagged the "Master of Mirrors" and enjoys dancing, fishing and boating activities.

Our Team

Angelo Imbesi-Business Broker
Angelo has many years of sales experience. He has owned businesses and has a good understanding about business operations to advise in how to operate businesses.

Trisha Ferri MBA Business Broker  

One of our TOP Sales Agents  

Shrutep Admin-Business Broker
He has owned Subway Sandwich Shops and now selling restaurants of all types and sizes.  His specialty is Liquor Stores.

Greg Russo-Business Broker

Is a retired pizza man who has many clients from being in the business for years

    Jovan Damjanac-Business Broker

Mr. Damjanac has 30 years of real estate sales, development and business brokerage experience.  He has sold many types of businesses, owned and operated retail businesses.  His specialities include real estate sales and development, Costa RIca international real estate sales and resort development, mortgage investments, financing, and settlement of international investment disputes under the CAFTA Treaty.

He enjoys helping people achieve more of their goals. 

Wide Variety of Businesses-OVER 480

We Show You Opportunities

With a wide range of businessess to choose from and 50 years of experience in the Delaware Valley, New Jersey, and New York markets we can save you alot of time bringing you right to the solid opportunities. 

Over 70 Pizza Shops For Sale

If owning a thriving pizza sandwich restaurant business has been your dream we have a wide selection of great $ maker pizza restaurants, and group restaurant chains.  

Buyers and Sellers Connect

We swiftly connect buyers and sellers with their best opportunities as well as arrange financing in many instances for the deal. 


Laundromats are Ca$h Cow businesses and we have many opportunities to choose from in the Delaware Valley. 


Many individual carwash businesses and syndication opportunities available now.  

Liquor Convenience Stores

Many operations to choose from throughout the Delaware Valley and South Jersey. 

Syndications, JV and Sale Opportunities

Large Restaurants

We have syndicated a number of bars, restaurants, catering halls, events centers and food businesss operations. 

Hotels and Shopping Centers

Shopping center and hotel syndication opportunities, and condo conversions--Investments are secured against real estate. 


Syndication opportunities in larger farm operations, specialized agriculture and winery businesses. 

Night Clubs and Event Centers

Large Night Clubs, Event Centers, and Sports Centers.

Golf Courses

We have a number of golf course syndications available locally and nationally.  

Marijuana Syndications

Syndications in New Jersey's newest multi billion dollar industry.  State medical licenses applied for and facilities acquired.  Ground floor Grow Ops and Dispensaries opportunities.    

More Syndications and Opportunities

Assisted Living Centers

We have assisited living centers for sale and syndication.  

Marinas and Boats

Marinas and boats for sale and in condo slip conversion or syndication. 

Airports and Planes

Airport and Plane syndicatrions available 

Self Storage Facilities

We have syndicated and sold a numjber of profitable self storage facilities,  We identify opportunities and have them right now. 

Gas Stations

We have gas stations, and gas station chains for sale and syndication. 

Resort Businesses

We have a number of resort business opportunities, and finance and development opportunities in the U.S.A.and in Costa Rica.   

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