About Us


We Are the Best at What We Do!

We Are the best at want we do with over 480 businesses for sale.  We are able to do syndication's on the larger deals and owner financing on the smaller deals, 80% of our small deals are owner financed.

The larger deals we are able to finance when real estate is included.We are presently putting large deals together on, apartment complexes for disabled veterans, developing townhouse projects with large builder companies,self storage complexes, shopping centers, motels, assisted living development and over 55 communities. 


How We Have Made Money

Our skilled team can assist in putting together a group of investors if the investors are not strong enough to do the deal on there own. Mr Domico has been putting syndication deals together for 50 years and can assist in firming any deal to its completion. We pride ourselves in being able to take any piece of real estate and take it to its highest and best use. 

For instance, we will take a house and convert it to an office building , a warehouse and convert it into self storage a shopping center and make it condominium stores, take a hotel and condo the rooms , a marina and and make condominium slips and sell them for one thousand dollars a running foot or more. 


More Money Made

We have purchased marinas in the Chesapeake for $4000 a slip, converted them and sold them for $1000 a foot , 40 foot boat $40,000.  We will do anything  that we can to improve on the value of a peace of real estate. 

We have also purchased large yachts and sold them out into time share by the week. We purchased a boat out of Katina and restored it, a 50 foot sail boat, and sold it out for 10,000 a week for 52 weeks.into time share. We are presently trying to purchase a Trawler, which we will restore over in the Chesapeake to sell it out into time share for 50 weeks for 10.000 a week.  A twelve year old child can run a 50 foot trawler.


Whatever It Takes


Once we purchased a house next to a city hall and got it zoned professional and formed a limited partnership.  We took out the bathtubs and made them powder rooms and took out the kitchen and made it a conference room.and converted all the bedrooms into offices and made a Law Firm out of it, increasing the property value 800 percent.


Making Money Is a Liberal Art

We once purchased a 200,000 square foot warehouse that was being rented out for $6.00 a foot a year and built 10 by 10 and 10 by 20 foot cages inside.increasing the rent to $25.00 per sq ft a year, We increased the value of that building 5 times.

We can create highest and best use situations for our clients by putting together a limited partnership with us and creating the situation for any group that you wish to put together, where we to can increase the value of a property 500%.

Robert Domico has done over 100 syndication's in his 50 year adult life, and can easily put one together for you and your group. 


Just Decide You Want to Make Money and Call Us!

One of our biggest deals was a 200,000 sq ft warehouse that was rented out for $6.00 a foot a year. It is located on a highway with 250,000 cars a day going by. We put a large sign on top that said "Cheap Self Storage".  Then we put in 10 x 10 and 10 x 20 cages  for self storage and now get $25.00 a foot a year. We paid 2 million for the property , now its worth almost $6 million.

A person who specializes in highest and best use makes millions.If you would like to joint venture with us in this type of deal first read Bob's book, "How to Make a Million Dollars a Year in Real Estate With No Money" then call Bob Domico.