Self Storage Warehouse Conversions

Buy for $6 a square foot.  Sell for $25 a square foot. 

Shopping Centers Into Commercial Condo Conversions

Significant profits in short time finding the right properties and converting them. 

Farms Into Condominium Horse Stall Conversions

Offer affordable solutions to horse owners while making huge profits in Farm conversions  

AND MORE! Learn How To Make Millions With No Money

You can be Rich.  Follow our detailed real estate and business strategies which Bob Domico has learned in his over 50 years in the real estate, business brokerage and syndications game.  Bob spells out clearly and concisely which strategies have worked well for us.   This type of business mindset is not for everyone.  Maybe less than 10% of those reading will take the next step and order these books, and maybe only 10% of those people will do what's required and  implement our advice.  

We can show you sure ways that have worked for us, and many others, and they can work for you too if you do what it takes.    

Strategies You Will Learn In Our Books: 

  • Buying Marinas for approximately 4,000 a slip and reselling them in $1,000-$2000 a foot incrememts, (The length of the boat) by converting them into marina condominium slips

  • Buying Farms and converting them to condominium horse stalls

  • Converting apartment buildings into Co-Ops.
  • Bob has done it, and these books tell you How to use other peoples money and other peoples credibility legally and in good faith to make millions of dollars.

  • Learn how to purchase a Shopping Center with 100,000 Square feet of space and convert the stores into commercial condominium units and sell them to the existing tenants. E.G. An established tenant is paying $4,000 a month rent. Now he buys his store and is paying a $2,600 a month mortgage and is building real estate equity.  We have deals right now that make projected net proits of $1,000,000 to $3.7 Million on the sell out of these units. 

  • Learn how to buy a 100,000 sq ft warehouse that's making $6.00 a sq ft profit a year.  Convert it over to 10x10 square foot spaces and 10X20 sf spaces, changing the income from for $6.00 per foot to $25.00 per foot per year. Now the place is worth 4.5 times what you paid for it a year before.  E.G. You paid $650,000 for the place.  You sell it a year lter for $2,925,000.

  • Bob shows you how to take a building to "Highest and Best Use" quickly and how to sell it at a great profit in less than a year.

  • Learn how to get the money for these projects and how to purchase them with none of your own money and then own them all by yourself in 5 years.  Once you learn how, and implement, you will wonder how making money could have ever been so difficult.   

Bobs books are short, sweet, easy reads and cover so much info   With the kind of info Bob provides, you too can become a "Real Estate Mogul" and "Make Millions With No Money".  ORDER NOW:   

Purchase Bob Domico's  Books Below and direct from Amazon.com and BarnsandNoble.com  

                       Book One "How to Make a Million Dollars a Year in Real Estate With No Money"

      Book Two Book Two "Real Estate Mogul"

Book Three"REAL CASH"

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Bob Domico's Books

The New Book ,"Real Cash" Is the 2019 Think and get Rich Book , Over 300 pages ,100 deals of Highest and Best Use , How to purchase a peace of Real Estate ,change its use and sell it for 3 to 4 times want you paid for it. ' By Bob Domico


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