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Tax Lien Opportunities

Do you ever wonder what would happen if you don't pay your property taxes?

The collection of property taxes is a huge priority in every county in the United States.  Literally, If the county can not collect property taxes, they go broke.

To make sure this does not happen, the county places a lien on any property owner with delinquent property taxes and sells the tax debit to investors.  

This creates a win-win situation for everyone, the county gets their money, the delinquent property tax owners get a little extra time to pay their overdue property taxes and the investor gets a low risk, high return investment.

How high is the rate of return on tax lien certificates?

• Arizona tax lien certificates pay an annual return of 16 percent per year.

• Florida tax lien certificates pay an annual return of 18 percent per year.

• Iowa tax lien certificates may an annual return of 24 percent per year

• Illinois tax lien certificates pay an annual return of 36 percent per year

• Georgia offers a redemption fee to investors of 20 percent, if redeemed within one year.  If the property owner redeems in one month, the effective annual interest rate is 240 percent.

• Texas offers redemption fee to investors of 25 percent for most properties, when redeemed within six months.  If the property owner redeems in one month, the effective interest rate is 300 percent.



Domico Investments sells tax sale certificates that are brand new for one price, that are two years old and ready to foreclose on, that are in foreclosure for 3,6 or 9 months at the last stages of foreclosure or are already foreclosed on. Price is determined by extent of the process.  

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Tax Liens Are Safe Investments

What about investment safety?  Are tax lien certificates a safe investment?

Investing in tax lien certificates is ultra-safe! Why?

1. State governments control the entire tax lien process so it is very safe and fair.  The last thing the state wants is unsatisfied tax lien investors, counties would not be able to collect the money they need to keep the county government operating.

2. If delinquent property tax owners fail to pay their back taxes plus interest, they lose their entire property to the investor for the property taxes owed.

Now do you understand why tax lien certificates are an incredible investment with a great built in safety factor?  If the delinquent property tax owners pay there tax bill, you, the investor, make an extremely high rate of return on your money.

If the property owners do not pay their tax bill, you, the investor, get to keep the entire property for the taxes and penalties owed, often pennies on the dollar, and the best part, tax lien investing does not depend on the economy.  So there is zero investment volatility when you invest in tax liens.

Instead of going up and down like the stock market, tax lien certificates just rise in value.

Overall, you can not find a higher return/Lower risk investment than tax lien certificates.  Now you are about to discover the best kept secret in our country.

This is the exact same opportunity that the rich and the banks have been taking advantage of for so long. So you might want to take some notes. Tax lien and Deed investing is the fast and easy way to create personal wealth in the United States and it's proven there is no better way than investing into real estate secured, government backed tax lien certificates.  

This special report was written to help reveal the little known techniques that the bankers and the rich have been using to generate their own personal wealth for decades.  With an easy to read and follow course you don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand the simple principles and strategies. So now you too can take claim to your own success, step by step.


So what are Tax Liens?

By definition, a lien is a legal term that means to gain possession of a subject property until the primary owner of the property fulfills a legal duty to the lien holder, such as property taxes, which is what were talking about.  If a county is unable to collect on it's annual property taxes the next step is applying a lien to the actual property then the county sells the delinquent property tax debit to investors with a fixed high yield return (which changes state to state) to ensure the collection of unpaid taxes.  The county then collects the delinquent taxes, the owner still has a second chance to pay his/her taxes and the investor receives a secured high interest bearing investment.  Without this process, individuals such as you and I would have to do without the life luxuries of Fire Stations, Libraries, Schooling, even Police Stations. So this is something that plays a very important role with our government and economy.


Just imagine a check in your mailbox from the Government.


There are basically two things in life that we can bet on happening. One is earning money. The second is paying taxes on that money, so if your wondering is tax liens are common occurrences, remember every single property owner in our country has an obligation to the government to pay their property taxes. There are over 3.7 million properties per year with delinquent taxes and according to MBA, 456,000 homes went into foreclosure last year alone! So why would someone not pay their taxes?  There are several reasons why property owners let their taxes go delinquent.

And you would be surprised...

Whether it's Divorce, job losses, moving, illness or even estate settlements all of these things can cause people to either forget or just not be able to afford it financially.  Tax Lien investing is not one of those "get rich quick" ideas. It is a time tested, secure instrument of investing that has created massive wealth for over 150 years!  Real Estate has proven itself over and over again to be one of the best ways to create financial independence. Now you know why most for the wealthy jealously guard their secrets!  A Tax Lien is secured by the real estate it's attached to. So you're not actually purchasing the property like a tax deed.  Your simply buying the governments lien on the real-estate.  When you buy a lien , you are paying for someone's delinquent taxes.  In turn the government issues you a certificate which gives you the right to receive all of the delinquent tax money due, plus interest, and any other fees or penalties.  If the tax payer neglects to pay their outstanding delinquent tax bill and interest within the redemption period (which changes state to state), the owner of the tax lien has the right to foreclose on the property, wipe out all junior liens and encumbrances and take ownership of the subject property.  As an investor you will either receive what you invested in the tax lien, plus interest or receive the real estate free and clear of all liens through foreclosure so you can buy incredible properties at tax lien and deed sales for 50%, 75% or more than 90% below market value.  Now you can see how exciting and how quickly the profit can add up.  It's safe, it's easy and you can get started with next to nothing!

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